International Humane Missions


Our Focus Causes

Make a difference in the lives of the children in Ton Le Sap by contributing to our fundraising campaign aimed at building a much-needed schoolhouse.

Join us in supporting the education of the children in Ton Le Sap, breaking the cycle of poverty and empowering them for a brighter future.

Give a Home Program provides safe and nurturing homes for the children of Ton Le Sap, offering them a brighter future in a stable and loving environment.

Join us in broadening the children’s horizons by supporting them in learning English as their second language. 

Join us in a life-changing initiative that empowers young minds to overcome barriers, pursue education, and transform their dreams into reality, fostering a brighter future for Cambodia. 

Build a compassionate haven that provides comprehensive healthcare services, empowering women with knowledge, support, and a renewed sense of well-being.

Support us in a transformative endeavor that brings clean and accessible water to the community, fostering health, growth, and a brighter future for every resident, one drop at a time.

Join us in providing fund for the “Haven” in Phnom Penh – for young girls from the villages who are vulnerable to trafficking. 





Give the gift of hope by supporting the poor kids in Kampong Chhnang, Cambodia to have educational access