International Humane Missions

Empowering Change: Celebrating the Impact of Your Generosity on Children’s Education

Empowering Change: Celebrating the Impact of Your Generosity on Children’s Education

We hope this message finds you in the best of spirits, as we share with you the incredible joy and triumph that filled the air last Friday, June 23, 2023. Our hearts swelled with pride as we gathered together to celebrate the Le Van Khanh’s Academic Awarding Ceremony, a momentous occasion for our deserving students and their proud parents. It was a day that emphasized not only their academic achievements but also a special act of kindness that touched their lives.

But this day was more than just a recognition of academic accomplishments. It was an occasion made even more significant by the sheer kindness and compassion shown by all those who believe in the power of education. In a heartwarming gesture, every child and their proud parents were given sacks of rice, a symbol of sustenance, and a gesture of solidarity. For many of these families, this simple act of receiving such a basic necessity was a first-time experience, a tangible reminder that their community cares deeply for their well-being.

Thanks to the endless support and generosity of all the donors and supporters, IHM has been able to provide these children with the resources they need to pursue their education. The love and compassion that flow from your donations have paved the way for brighter futures and countless opportunities. Together, we are making dreams come true, one child at a time.

We also want to share the progress our students have made in their English as a Second Language (ESL) learning. With your support, our exceptional ESL teacher Ms. Anne and the assistant teachers have been unwavering in their commitment to the students.

Over the past one and a half months, our students’ English skills have grown. They have learned the alphabet, numbers, colors, and shapes. They have also each chosen an English name for themselves. We are proud of their eagerness to learn English and their active participation in various interactive learning activities.

We are so grateful for your generous support and unwavering belief in the potential of our students. Your support has made a lasting impact on the lives of these bright and determined children.

On behalf of our students, Ms. Anne, and the entire IHM team, we extend our heartfelt thanks. We look forward to sharing more success stories and updates in the future.