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You can change the lives of these impoverished children. With your help we can break the cycle of poverty. Be a vessel for change today!

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Support Impoverished Children in Cambodia

These children face significant challenges, including lack of access to basic necessities such as food, clean water, education, and healthcare. Every contribution towards their well-being helps break the cycle of poverty, empowering them to escape the hardships they endure.

Child Sponsorship Program

Sponsoring a child living in extreme poverty is one of the most powerful and sustainable ways you can help fight poverty. Sponsor a child in Cambodia today.

Join Us in Changing Lives: Our Focus Causes​

Join us in supporting the education of the children in Ton Le Sap, breaking the cycle of poverty and empowering them for a brighter future.

Make a difference in the lives of the children in Ton Le Sap by contributing to our fundraising campaign aimed at building a much-needed schoolhouse.

Give a Home Program provides safe and nurturing homes for the children of Ton Le Sap, offering them a brighter future in a stable and loving environment.

The Lost Children of
Ton Le Sap

In the heart of Tonle Sap Lake lies “The Floating Village,” a poignant home to a community in desperate need. Within this fragile haven, reside the improvished children and their families, trapped in the grip of poverty. Their lives are marked by profound destitution as they brave the challenging waters, grappling each day to meet even their most fundamental needs.

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Helping others brings profound meaning and purpose to our lives.

International Humanitarian Missions (IHM) is committed to changing the lives of impoverished children from the river of Tonle Sap.

Help Us Build Our Second School

Life for impoverish children in the river of Tonlé Sap is a vicious cycle of poverty and constant threat of child prostitution, kept in motion by illiteracy, lack of opportunity and support. With your help these young children grow up and one day will change the world around them.