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Celebrating Cambodia’s New Year with New Beginnings

Celebrating Cambodia’s New Year with New Beginnings

The Cambodia Khmer New Year begins on April 14 this year and soon the air will be filled with the smell of fireworks, streets thronged with crowds adorned in their best costumes while traditional dances, foods and fun activities will be gracing the country in these three auspicious days. The Khmer New Year is based on the solar calendar and is also rooted in their agriculture timetable, when farmers celebrate the end of the harvesting season while it is still dry, right before the heavy monsoon rains starting in May.

Students from our school practicing traditional Khmer dances in preparation for the new year celebration

As we look forward to the new year, we feel humbled by the needs that our students and their families face in the dire condition in the Tonle Sap Lake area. But we also feel renewed with strength when we look back at what we have accomplished in the last year.

A little girl in the floating village of Cambodia; Let’s never forget the resilience and bravery of children living in poverty

At around this time last year, while the world was still mired in lockdowns and pandemic suffering, we were finishing up our school, a place where not only our students could learn, but families received food assistance and the sick received medical care. If we didn’t hustle and bustle last year, the destitute wouldn’t have a chance for hope. Hope for a better meal for their children, hope that they can cope with the grinding poverty, hope that their children can someday do better than cleaning fish all their lives, hope that there are kind people out there who care about them.

Le Van Khanh students video clips: Click to play video

Last year, we came together and we delivered. We cared deeply about the people at Tonle Sap Lake and they loved us back. Our gifts and our dedication have made an indelible mark in their lives, thanks to you, our supporters, team members and philanthropic donors. Looking back, we are in awe of our achievement together and we so appreciate you making the journey with us.

With your support, we provided food, rice, supplies, gifts & toys to the students and their family during the new year festive celebration

At the dawn of a Khmer New Year, we wish you continued success in everything you do and with the deepest gratitude, we thank you for your generosity.

Le Van Khanh students sending prayers & thanks for your continued support

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