International Humane Missions

Clean water system for Kampong Chhnang, Cambodia​


In poor countries such as Cambodia, about 80% of illness and disease are linked to poor water and sanitation conditions.​

Because of their weak immune system, infants and young children are most vulnerable to disease because of poor water quality. The illness caused by dirty water can be devastating to children and young adults.

Clean water lies at the heart of good health. Unfortunately the ethnic Vietnamese floating villagers have access to none. All the water used in daily living, including drinking, cooking, cleaning, bathing, comes from the Lake. All the human waste and garbage go directly into the Lake. The children then play in the Lake. The Lake is a cesspool of germs that have resulted directly in many parasitic and bacterial diseases including GI, ENT (ear, nose, and throat), lung, and skin infections, and indirectly in increased rates of hypertension and diabetes. We hope to build a comprehensive water system so that the villagers have access to portable clean and safe drinking/cooking water.

You can help provide clean water to families in Kampong Chhnang.