International Humane Missions

Support the Children of Ton Le Sap


Your generous donation to this fund enables us to provide comprehensive support to the community and make a significant impact throughout the year. The needs are vast and include but are not limited to:

  • Supplying clean drinking water and food supplements
  • Enrolling more children in our school
  • Expanding our classes and hiring additional staff
  • Coping with natural disasters, such as the disastrous monsoon season, which led to floodwaters rising to the second level of their flimsy wooden homes in 2022.
  • Providing medical care to families whose illnesses make it difficult to even feed their children.
  • Supporting the staff who help us carry out our mission.

With your support, the children receives:


Your support goes toward providing the child with the necessary curriculum, school supplies and uniform, in addition to administrative, faculty, and teacher salaries.


The children of Tonle Sap grow up in very poor villages. Many are significantly malnourished. Your support will provide healthy meals.


For most families, buying clothes for their children is not a priority, food is. Your support will provide clothes to protect them from both the sun and the cold.

Who We Are

International Humanitarian Missions (IHM) aims to apply our expertise and experience in healthcare, business, education, and technology to provide quality, effective and sustainable solutions to the pressing problems facing the impoverished community who live in the floating villages on the Tonle Sap Lake.

When you support a child, you’re directly supporting a family living in poverty and investing in helping them achieve self-sufficiency.

Best of all, more than 95% of the money we spend goes to the people you sponsor and the programs that support them. That’s one of the highest percentages in the industry.

Your Support Goes to:

Your Contribution Can Make a Difference

By contributing to IHM, you won’t just receive the heartfelt gratitude of destitute families who have no means to repay you. You’ll also be kept in the loop with regular updates on their struggles in Tonle Sap Lake, and how your donation is helping to alleviate their suffering and create a brighter future for their children.